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Policies in affect: Arrivals/Departures: The location and arrival/departure times listed and arranged are for shuttlle/taxi/transport/roadster transport beginning at your location, or specified pickup. Confirmation: At time of purchase you will receive confirmation via both Text and Email. For events you must show this to the driver to get a wristband, prior to being seated. Please keep your wristband on for the remainder of the evening. Your wristband is color-coded to make sure you get back to your “location.” Requirement Notice: If you are a guest in the area and will be staying at Amicalola Falls State Park Lodge, DahloneGO Shuttle Services/Taxi will only pick-up or drop off at the “Bottom Parking Lot.” Availability is for One-Way or Round Trip. Price: Unless specified as otherwise, your payment covers admission price of a ticket for transportation only (Price DOES NOT cover any other costs that a venue Offers.) Website links to venues included in our packages are provided on our http://www.dahlonego.com website. The venues listed, and all others, are the responsibility of the rider/occupant to research the services offered. DahloneGO is not a direct affiliate with any other Venue. Items Allowed: Where applicable Coolers are allowed and please bring blankets or chairs to sit on. ***DahloneGO is not responsible for providing carseats for infants/small children. Parents will be fully responsible for their own carseats and the safety and proper working order thereof. ***Do NOT consume any alcohol beverages on any of the operational vehicles in use, being shuttle van/shuttle bus/taxi/trolley/roadster, unless your event group has been specified as a “party bus” with agreement to terms, as applicable by law. Traffic Reminder: Due to “Holiday” Traffic exact arrival/departure time may differ. As in any timely circumstance, we will notify EVENT STAFF “IF” and “WHEN” necessary. *Due to high traffic volumes for Holiday or unforeseen incidents, etc., pick-up times may take longer than expected. We appreciate your understanding while you wait on your transportation. DahloneGO reserves the right to change any schedule arrival or departure as needed, per occasion. Outside of these notified incidents, DON’T BE LATE FOR DEPARTURE TIMES OR YOU WILL FORFEIT YOUR SEAT, and payment. PLEASE OBSERVE THE POLICES; prior to purchase. DahloneGO Policies: Occupant is required to be in compliance with all following policies listed, at all times. DahloneGO assumes no responsibility for occupants who do not meet the designated Shuttle arrival/departure times. Occupant understands price reflected is as purchased for one way, or round trip. You will be charged extra for roundtrip; upon purchase of a shuttle ticket, occupant agrees they have acknowledged the price(s) reflected. At time of purchase, Occupants will receive confirmation via both email and text. The occupant MUST SHOW to the driver the confirmation text/email, prior to receiving wristband and loading. No alcohol is permitted to be consumed on the shuttles unless specified as above; closed coolers with unopened containers are permitted. Please refrain from the use of Foul language or inappropriate behavior while on shuttle while in a family environment. Observe your surroundings, and be respectful and courteous to others at all times. Destruction of property, personal injury to self or others will not be tolerated. DahloneGO not held responsible for any actions that are not in compliance with other venues that could cause destruction of property or injury at the event. All vehicles are checked for road safety. All vehicles and drivers are appropriately licensed and fully insured. All vehicles and drivers are in compliance with the rules and laws of the state of Georgia for this use. DahloneGO will not be responsible for the refund to any occupant who violates the above policies; including shuttle arrival/departure times. Your purchase of a ticket confirms that you are fully aware and agree to the policy and procedures for Transportation. DahloneGO & DahloneGO Roadster Rental 2021, all rights reserved.

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